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Nov 17, 2009 4:00pm EST
running for president of the united states in 2012, have you thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> in n "the washington post" absent news poll, 60% say palin isn't qualified to be president. he book is already a bestseller. >>> convicted ponzi schem bernie madoff'sropertys ctioneoff in f uderdale. they are auctioning "the bull" a 55-foot custom yacht, "sitting bull" and "little bl in. "and a mercedes-benz convertible,ll once own by the now-imprisoned financeyear. much of his personal property auctioned off saturday. money goes to the victims of his ponzi scheme. >>> a lot of folks getti a lot of goods there. just ahead on news4 at 4:0 news your health. >> what expecting moms need to know about premature births. >> brad pittnd angelina jolie are going into a new business. >> nasaaking steps to ensure the sp shuttle's return home >>> nasa is doing a once-over o the space shuttle "atlantis." astronauts are checking out the thermal shielding. nasa says the shuttle wasn't damaged during yesterday's launch, but they are double checki everything. they will doc w t int
Nov 24, 2009 4:00pm EST
involving more than 2 million cribs both in the united states and in canada. the company says this is not a problem with their cribs. we heard from them late this afternoon. they say it's a problem in many cases with the installation. cribs are expensive. people tend to get them from relatives, they buy old cribs, buy cribs at flea markets and don't always have the proper information to put those cribs together. the company is saying it is not the crib, but cpsc is saying if you have that crib, take your baby out of it tonight. >> thank you, tracy. >>> we posted much more about this recall on the website, when you get there, simply search "crib recall." >>> a major decision on the war in afghanistan is coming next week. president obama will announce his new strategy and just how many additional troops he wants to send to afghanistan. today he pledged to, quote, finish the job. it's only the beginning of a new debate over the now eight-year-long battle. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: appearing with the prime minister of india, a key ally in the fight agai
Nov 9, 2009 4:00pm EST
include familiar names as mikhail gorbachev the former leadier of the soviet union. from the united states, secretary of state hillary clinton. also french president sarkozy and gordon brown who is the prime minister of great britain. they have set up a long line of oversized dominoes along the route of the wall. and they will be toppled tonight just as the communist states were toppled 20 years ago. i'm tom brokaw, nbc news at the berlin wall. >> the memorials are being held today to remember the 136 people who were killed trying to cross the border. pat? >>> health care reform passed in the house over the weekend, but now it's onto the senate, where some lawmakers are calling it doa, dead on arrival. senate leaders need 60 supporters to prevent a filibuster and to bring a bill to a final vote. democrats may choose to let states opt out of government-based insurance program. the so-called, public option, generated a lot of debate on the sunday morning talk shows. >> 60% of the american public want a public option. >> if the public option plan is in there as a matter of conscience i will not allow th
Nov 23, 2009 4:00pm EST
their protests outside the united states preventative nask rockville to send a clear message on behalf of women among all risk groups and color. >> even though everyone's saying right now ignore it. it's not policy yet. but keyword is, yet. >> i would like to see this study rescinded. i would like to see people protest more and i would like to make sure that the insurance companies will still cover people for mammograms under 50. >> especially with women of minority cultures, it affects us so aggressively that you have to. you cannot negnate fact. we have to be treated differently. we have to be treated in a more aggressive manner in order for us to survive. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, nooiz 4. >> prominent health officials are also not happy with the mammogram recommendations and including the former head of the national institutes of health. dr. bernadine healy says the change would save money, not lives. >>> debate on the health care reforge the senate is expected to begin one week from. on saturday, the senate took a significant step toward reform. democrat s corralled 60 votes ju
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4